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Favepad Reviewed

Jan 20th 2014

Favepad has been reviewed on ILoveFreeSoftware.com with multiple sample screenshots, check it out.

The all-new Favepad

Dec 25th 2013

This Christmas, a completely new version of Favepad is awaiting you. Fully customizable, with dynamic widgets and easily draggable items on the speed dial, this is the best start page for everyone you’ve ever seen.

New Feature: Top Blog Posts

Aug 27th 2012

The hottest blogosphere items are right here, at your fingertips! Use Favepad to access the most popular blog posts. The top list is available on our main page, refreshed each time you reload Favepad. Powered by Technorati.

New Article: Facebook Login

Jul 26th 2012

What do I need to log in to Facebook? Where do I type in my email address or phone number? What’s up with the password — do I have to remember it all the time? What is Facebook username? Find answers here.

New Feature: Maps Search

Jul 4th 2012

In the search box there's a new button now —“Maps”. Click it, type in the name of the place you're looking for, and click Search. It'll take you to that place in Google Maps instantly.

Favepad Launched!

Feb 5th 2012

Favepad goes public, running on a server in the US. All system nominal.


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