Favepad — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the purpose of this site?

This site provides simple sign in to multiple popular sites: social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), e-mail systems (Live Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo! Mail), and Twitter. After you’re signed in for the first time, you can get back to that site with just one click, that’s why it’s incredibly handy to have Favepad as your start page (which is easily accomplished, by the way — check it out). Favepad not only helps those who search for sign in to site, my page, facebook login, sign in to email, but it also shows the easiest way to websites most of us use everyday.

Does Favepad get access to my password?

No, that would be impossible. Favepad uses direct links to websites and/or official user identification mechanisms (programming interfaces) provided by websites developers. In other words, you enter your passwords only on websites you’re signing in to, and that’s all. We do not need your passwords to provide Favepad functionality.

Does Favepad use my personal data?

We do ask your permission to retrieve some of your data (for example, Live Hotmail name, message count, etc.) to display it for you on Favepad main page. We don’t make use of your data in any other way, neither do we store it anywhere.

I cannot sign in to Facebook, why?

You’re not alone. The reasons may vary. First of all, you should check for the most common issues that may prevent you from signing in to Facebook successfully. Follow this link: Cannot sign in to Facebook? What should I do?

When you’re done with that, try to login to Facebook via Favepad: the chances are high the problem is solved now:

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