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Facebook is a global social network founded in 2004. You can create your page in Facebook (this is often called your profile), write something about yourself, upload your photos and organize them into albums, invite your friends, send messages to each other, and also post short status messages which will appear in your friends’ news feeds.

In Facebook, you can join groups (there are many of them) or create one yourself in case you don’t find one you want.

You decide how much personal information you are willing to share. It is important that Facebook allows to specify which information will be open to your friends only, which to everyone else, and which to no one at all.

Is Facebook free?

Yes, it’s free and always will be, as its owners promise.

How do I sign in to Facebook?

Even when you’re already registered on a web site it may happen that you cannot sign in to it — the address is lost, the password is wrong, site doesn’t open while it should, and so on.

For example, if you’ve lost Facebook address, you cannot get to your page (Facebook my page — that’s what you would look for). Furthermore, the address could be actually correct, but some virus might direct you to another site in order to cheat you and take possession of your login. And if that site doesn’t exist anymore, you get the “address not found” error.

Another situation worth mentioning: you want to sign in to Facebook using someone else’s computer. Surely, everything inside there isn’t like what you’re used to at home (or at work). That’s when you start looking for “facebook my page”, “sign in to facebook”, “facebook login”. But there is another way to Facebook and your other favorite sites which is much easier.

Favepad — Sign in to Facebook

To sign in to Facebook and other popular sites quickly, Favepad is at your service. Only one address to remember — wherever you are, type FAVEPAD.COM into address bar, and you’re there. It is a very simple and easy to use web site, and extrmely handy if you want to save time.

Using Favepad, you can sign in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Live Hotmail, GMail, and Yahoo! Mail with just one click. Set Favepad as your start page, and you’ll feel instantly how fantastic it is. Start pages have never been this easy.

Go to the main page now to sign in to Facebook:

Problems signing in to Facebook

In case you cannot sign in to Facebook no matter what you do, read this article: “Cannot sign in to Facebook? What should I do?” It deals with the most common causes which prevent you from signing in successfully.

Facebook registration

If you’re not registered at Facebook yet, registration is easy. Do you have an e-mail address already? Sign up for Facebook and come back here.

And if you don’t have an e-mail address yet, this isn’t a problem. Register at Hotmail (Microsoft Live), for example — it’s free, of course. Remember your new e-mail address and how to check your e-mail account, and then come back here to continue.
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