About Favepad

What is Favepad?

Favepad is an easy-to-use start page with additional functions which make it unique. Sign in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Live Hotmail, GMail (Google Mail), and Yahoo! Mail with just one click. Connect your social networks and email accounts to Favepad using the “Sign in” buttons in each site box — this allows you to get notified of new events without actually visiting connected websites. For example, when you sign in to Facebook using Favepad, your new messages, notifications, friend requests and online friends count are always visible when you open Favepad (and they are updated when you refresh the page by pressing F5, of course).

For many people, it's an alternative to iGoogle which is closed down for good. But Favepad is better, faster and it's a whole new experience.

Why is Favepad better than any other start page?

Favepad presents your social content in a completely new way. It actually takes you to the next level of interaction. Instead of a bunch of separate sites you get your personal dashboard where all of your communication is neatly organized and access to any site is instantaneous.

Take Twitter for example: you don’t have to visit the Twitter site to post a tweet. Favepad offers you a Tweet Box through which your tweets are being posted. Type something in, press Tweet — that’s all, your friends already see it. When you need to look what’s up at Twitter itself, click the header of the Twitter site box, and you’re there.

Search is an important aspect of internet life. It’s good to have it neatly organized and when it’s always at hand. Favepad features a search box which you can switch from global internet search to Wikipedia search and videos search in a single click. Try it and you’re definitely going to like it.

More features are coming!


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