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  1. SCOTUS Still Appears Wary Of Doing Something About Partisan Gerrymandering

    The Court heard oral arguments in a closely watched case Tuesday that could have political consequences for decades....

    3 hours, 16 minutes ago

  2. Jussie Smollett Criminal Charges Dropped After Chicago Attack

    The actor was charged with staging a racist and homophobic attack against himself and lying to officials....

    4 hours, 46 minutes ago

  3. Trump Suggests Obama Was Involved In Mueller’s Investigation

    The president's claim echoes his earlier accusations of wiretapping....

    46 minutes ago

  4. UFC Star Conor McGregor Under Investigation For Sexual Assault

    A report in The New York Times claims that the UFC star sexually assaulted a woman in Ireland....

    1 hour, 25 minutes ago

  5. Pilots Of Doomed Boeing 737 Had 40 Seconds To Fix Error, Test Suggests

    The Lion Air's pilots reportedly flipped through a manual to find help instead of disengaging the system....

    1 hour, 58 minutes ago

  6. Avenatti Must Think Nike Fears Claims That It Paid Athletes To Wear Shoes

    But the lawyer's latest allegations only reveal his own ignorance about college basketball "corruption."...

    56 minutes ago

  7. Democrats Point To Midwest Flood Victims To Counter GOP’s Green New Deal Attacks

    As Republicans force a hasty Senate vote on the climate change plan, presidential candidates push to take it seriously....

    1 hour, 5 minutes ago

  8. Top GOP’ers Call On Schiff To Resign As Chair Of House Intelligence Committee

    Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise have both called on the Democrat to step down in the wake of Mueller's report....

    6 hours, 37 minutes ago

  9. Now Trump Wants Judges To Throw Out The Entire Affordable Care Act

    Previously the administration said it would be fine to leave some of the law in place....

    15 hours, 21 minutes ago

  10. Trump Aims To Dismantle Affordable Care Act

    Here's how millions of Americans could lose their healthcare....

    4 hours, 25 minutes ago

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